Week of 7/20 Stock Market Futures

This article covers a brief overview of the futures for the week of 7/20, and recaps last week in the market.

Last Week in the Market:

  • The Dow and S&P closed the market this week with sizable gains, while the NASDAQ fell.

  • Although Apple performed well up until midweek, the gains retreating, finishing off Apple's week in the red, with the price around 385.

  • Tech stocks took a hit- FAANG stocks declined, after Netflix's quarterly earning were less than expected. This led to the first NASDAQ loss in three weeks.

  • The Dow opened on Monday at approximately 26,303, closing at around 26,671, gaining more than 350 points, equivalent to 1.35- the S&P also rose about 2.3%, the third straight weekly advances for these indexes.

  • Despite a rise in Coronavirus cases, the market has kept pushing forward, as investors seemingly aren't rattled.

  • Not surprisingly, if there's one section that has surged during the pandemic, it is the E-Commerce section. Big picture (past 3 months), Amazon has gone up more than 600 points.

  • After tensions and rumors with a ex-employee, Amazon posted an abysmal week, its worst since February.

  • Despite this, Amazon has seen strong profits and gains, and it's likely this can continue to drive the rally.


  • After the Dow and S&P posted sizable gains, the futures backed off, with the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P all down about 0.65%, with Wall Street failing to continue the gains from last week.

  • Washington Stimulus packages, as well as Coronavirus can turn investors in a second, as can any current event.

  • Globally, the Shanghai Index is up more than 3 percent, while EU Markets are down. The Dax and FTSE are down 0.66% and 0.88%% respectively.

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