Stocks fall slightly After Huge Election Rally, Amid Confusing Waiting

3 days after Election Day, there is still no confirmed winner. The day after Election Night saw a huge rally in the stock market, noticing an exceptional increase in the NASDAQ. Today however, as expected the American Stock Market decreased slightly, giving exception to, you guessed it, the NASDAQ. This article will briefly analyze the rally, the drop, and the particular resiliency of the NASDAQ.

So, is a post-election rally typical with history? If we analyze the Dow, then kind of. In 2016 it was more prominent, but it also occurred in 2012 too. When the Dow Jones closed the day before the election, it was around 26,800 points. As of the closing on November 6-just 3 days later- the Dow is at around 28,300 points, after closing down 0.2% (66 points,) during the brief rest from the 4-day rally.

But what's really shining, is the NASDAQ's resiliency. Throughout the rally, it soared higher than the other two indicators, jumping about 1,000 points. Today, when the other American indexes dropped slightly, the NASDAQ rose, even if it was only 0.04%. The reason was because of high-flying big tech, which has been performing extremely well lately.

Summary: The stock market had a huge 4-day rally after taking a breather today, led by the resilient NASDAQ and big-tech stocks. This rally similarly compared to that of 2016 and prior years, although it was less noticeable in 2012.

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