Product Review: Apple Airpods

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Apple Airpods are not a new product, but still remain some of the most iconic technology products to date- kicking off Apple's sleek new era into wireless earbuds, Airpods were a huge hit, and since their release in 2016, there has been three different models- Generation 1, Generation 2, and Airpods Pro. This article will review and compare Generation 1 Airpods to the other two.

Fun fact: If Airpods were their own company, they would have generated enough revenue to be a Fortune 500 Company.

My Personal Experience

Airpods have made my life a lot easier- with a lot of other Bluetooth earbuds, you have to manually pair them, but with Airpods, once they're in your ears, they're connected. Airpods still work with "Non-iPhones," but unfortunately, the seamless connection is not an option. You can view the battery percentage of the case (which boasts three to four charges with only an hour of charging time) and the earbuds by holding the lid of the case open near your phone. With the earbuds themselves, you can get 5 hours of listening time, or 3 hours of talking time, with a single charge, which is very convenient. With Generation 2 and Airpods Pro, you have the option for a wireless charging case, and they can detect your voice saying "Hey Siri" even when you're not near your phone- although in my experience of owning both generations, this feature doesn't work too well. Newer models also offer a few more spec upgrades; in my personal opinion, the extra price isn't worth it. Running or playing sports with them in is very possible- they truly almost never fall out. There is also a charging light on the inside (Generation 1) or the outside (Generation 2 and Pro) that turns green or yellow, depending if your case is charged or not.

My Top 3 Pros:

-Seamless Connection.

-Sleek Design: no wires getting in your way, as well as a compact case.

-Charge: It's incredible the amount of listening and talking time you can get with a single and short charge.

My top 3 Cons:

-Not water-resistant (AirPods Pro are).

-Get dirty easily- without maintenance, they get dirty very easily and very quickly.

-Easy to lose- although you can try to ring them using the "Find My" iPhone app, if you are too far away, you may not hear them ringing.

In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons heavily, and if you're looking for a reliable and high-quality pair of wireless earbuds, Airpods are the way to go- I know I will be using mine for years to come. If I had to rate my first generation Airpods out of ten, I would go with an 8- with my second generation Airpods, I would rate them a 9- just because of the wireless charging and (somewhat functional) Hey Siri.

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