Product Review: Roku TV Stick

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The Roku Stick is a flash drive-type product that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, allowing you to subscribe to hundreds among hundreds of subscription-based streaming services, and view different channels just by using the stick, all for a price of around 29 USD. Among these services are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and more. All of this seems too good to be true- are there any catches? To be frank, the short answer is no- the Roku Stick is actually as good as it sounds- let's elaborate on the features, and my personal opinion.

Fun fact: Roku Streaming grew 50% among the Coronavirus Pandemic. (Source: Expanded Dramblings)

My Personal Experience:

My personal experience with the Roku Stick has truly been nothing but pleasure. Roku allows you to stream without having cable or satellite, so all you have to do is connect your stick to the internet, and start streaming- they offer lots of free channels, including CBS and PBS, sports, and their own "Roku Channel." The thing I like most about the Roku is that I was able to stop paying for cable- I only use Roku and I haven't thought twice; not to mention it's very convenient and easy to have many apps in one spot- I have Netflix, HBO, YouTube, the list goes on, all in one spot, easy to access. That's the beauty of the Roku Stick.

Don't get confused.

I almost fooled myself into thinking the Roku Stick offered all these different subscriptions for a free or discounted price- then I snapped back into reality, realizing that would be too good to be true. With customers, confusion may arise regarding this- the best way I describe Roku is that you legally have access to so many apps, without even needing cable.

Are there other options?

Yes actually. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is another option, but the lowest price starts at ten dollars more than Roku. In my opinion, Roku is best known, and I'm sticking with mine, however if I hadn't already owned my Roku stick, here's what I would compare.

  • Both offer similar streaming services, free and paid subscription, but Roku does offer their own "Roku Channel."

  • Amazon sticks are generally more expensive, while Roku sticks are not- while the cheapest Roku stick is much better than the cheapest Amazon stick ($30 dollar Roku Express, $40 Fire TV Stick, respectively), in terms of graphics. For 4K HDR, you'll have to purchase the $50 dollars Fire TV Stick.

  • There are such things as "Roku TV's," some supporting Dolby HDR, which is helpful since the stick itself does not.

In my opinion, the Roku Stick is the best option in the market- if you're willing to spend in the triple digits however, the $120 Fire TV Cube or the 100$ Roku Ultra are good options.

It's too hard to rate the Roku Stick out of ten- it's not perfect, but it's flaws are not enough to deduct a rating. Without thinking, I would say the Roku stick is a 10/10, but if I was being critical, I would say the Amazon Fire TV Stick does a better job of perfecting some of the flaws of Roku, and vice versa.

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