What's going on with SpaceX?

If all goes right, this weekend is set to be a historic one- not just for Elon Musk, but for the entire US nation. Their historic launch previously scheduled for Wednesday was cancelled due to inclement weather. Here are some quick, interesting facts:

  • NASA is working in cooperation with a private company (SpaceX), meaning the expedition is not government funded, as previous space expeditions were

  • The takeoff is scheduled from NASA's historic Kennedy Space Center for May 30 at 3:22PM ET, with a SpaceX Rocket.

  • This will be the first time in nearly a decade astronauts have launched from American Soil. Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley were seen wearing new, sleek spacesuits.

  • SpaceX spent the last six years getting to this point, after many failed tests, the time has come for them to send off two astronauts on their first manned mission

  • Last year, the company did a full dress rehearsal, successfully launching the Crew Dragon to the station without a crew on board. The company also tested the capsule’s emergency escape system, confirming that the Crew Dragon can carry people to safety if something goes wrong during the launch. (Source: The Virge)

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