Summary of Tesla Analysis by Investing From the 920: Podcast Breakdown

In this article, BizRoca had the opportunity to breakdown and summarize a Full Tesla Analysis, by Investing From the 920, a stock analysis podcast!

Here is the link to the YouTube page of Investing From the 920:

Let's jump right in. Coming after Elon Musk announced the he will move his headquarters out of California due to Coronavirus, the issue is as pressing as ever: What does this mean for investors? Let's break it down .

To start, one thing the founder of Investing From The 920, Josh, focuses on Elon's troubles with the SEC, and his risky tweets. Buying on the dip after the release of the Cybertruck, riding the rise, after hopeful pre-order numbers. "Elon went on another Twitter rant, and in the process, dropped Tesla's stock ten percent, in a single day." In his tweet threads, he states he would be selling all his physical possessions, and that Tesla's stock price is too high, and giving the people back their freedom, as well as the last few lines of the Star-Spangled Banner. All of this has landed Musk in some trouble, accumulating to a lawsuit against Elon from the SEC itself, stating that Elon cannot tweet or make comments that could affect Tesla's stock price during trading hours.

Discussing Tesla's stock and company, their price to earnings ratios was negative, and Tesla's earnings were not positive this latest fiscal year. Tesla has a somewhat high price to cash flow, at 55.5 times. Tesla's gross margin is 18.2%, better than 75% of other companies in the auto industry. Tesla does not pay a dividend.

Some of Tesla's top competitors include Ford, specifically their electric and hybrid vehicles. The most prominent, the fully electric Mustang Mock-E, a fully electric SUV. Other cars in the electronic line of Ford include the Fusion Hybrid, and the Escape Hybrid. Another top competitor is General Motors, which consists of the companies Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. A statement from the company said all will release electric vehicles. Other competitors, include Toyota and Honda, both companies which include electric cars, and hybrids.

For a more in depth Tesla Stock Analysis, Click Here to be redirected to the YouTube page of Investing From the 920, which we recommend.

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